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Gray Bachelor

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Meeting location: https://meet.jit.si/oslc-op


Welcome to the OSLC Product working group


We are making good progress to isolate a set of topics which can then be focused towards OSLC support for Products

Recently we’ve had input from Raytheon, Saab and Bosch, and we've taken some vendor input from PTC, Sodius-Willert & IBM

Bosch particularly have a set of needed capabilities that are being worked through - https://github.com/oslc-op/Product-Definition/blob/main/Bosch%20OSLC%20product%20scenarios%202.pptx

It was agreed at the meeting of 6th March to playback progress and review the scope at the oslc pgb

We continue on March 20th to narrow down discussion on scenarios and to isolate the capability intended for a Product domain alongside that which is an extension of existing domains



1)          Roll call

2)          Noting the minutes of the last meeting Monday 6th Mar


Any remarks over accuracy or amendments  ?

3)       Update on pgb guidance for the work

4)       Discussion on Product definition scope and configuration management dependencies

5)       Discussion around additional available input from a PTC customer and in relations to STEP

6)        Any other business

7)        Confirm next meeting

8)        Closing comments from attendees


All inputs are especially welcome

Comments, questions, ideas, contributions ?


Please contact Gray Bachelor of IBM or Patrick Ollerton of PTC or post to the oslc-op community







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