OSLC Product Workgroup

Gray Bachelor

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Meeting location: https://meet.jit.si/oslc-op


Welcome to the OSLC Product working group


Recently we’ve had input from Raytheon, Saab and Bosch, and we've taken some vendor input from PTC, Sodius-Willert & IBM

We continue on March 6th with additional OEM needs and perspectives



1)          Roll call

2)          Noting the minutes of the last meeting Monday 13th Feb

a.         https://github.com/oslc-op/oasis-open-project/blob/master/minutes/2023/2023-02-13_OSLC_Product_WG.md

b. Any remarks over accuracy or amendments 

3)       Additional time for perspectives on representing PLM resource using OSLC from Bosch – led by Martin Ulrich of Bosch

4)          Discussion & summary of the OEM input and considerations of the opportunity for additional input

5)          Plans for next meeting where we will aim to consolidate the inputs into areas – general needs, scenarios, specific gaps/proposals

                            Planned for March 20th – other inputs – potential input on STEP and from 2 other OEMs

6)          Any other business

7)          Closing comments from attendees


All inputs are especially welcome

Comments, questions, ideas, contributions ?


Please contact Gray Bachelor of IBM or Patrick Ollerton of PTC or post to the oslc-op community






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