Call for Participation for New OSLC Work

Jim Amsden

The OSLC-OP is finally winding down its primary objectives: getting the OSLC specifications to OASIS Standard. The only remaining specifications to progress to OASIS Standard are Configuration Management and Tracked Resource Sets. Both are currently Project Specifications and will soon have the necessary Statements of Use to submit as Candidate OASIS Standard. The OSLC-OP expects this to be done soon.


A group of people lead by Eran Gery have been meeting monthly for a while looking at tool integration challenges to guide future OSLC work. This group has identified two key related areas where integration would benefit from additional OSLC-OP standards:


  1. OSLC Profiles – a standard, verifiable approach for defining specific OSLC compliance clauses that vendors could implement to support integration use cases, and a set of three instances of these profiles for Basic, Bidirectional and Configuration Managed Linking Profiles. See OSLC Linking Profiles.
  2. OSLC Link Query Service – a standard REST services API for tools to access incoming links to their resources from other servers that own/persist those resources.


Let us know if you are interested in participating in this work. We are looking for sufficient contributors who would like to be editors and reviewers of these specifications. If you find this work potentially interesting and valuable, please jump in, we’d love to have your contribution!