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Chet Ensign

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  Jim Amsden
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  OSLC Architecture Management Version 3.0
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  The OSLC Specification collective define a core set of services and domain vocabularies for lifecycle management in including requirement, change and quality management. The OSLC Architecture Management Specification provides a means of defining the things whose lifecycle are being managed, and for linking those resources to the requirements they meet, then change requests that effect them, and the test cases that verify and validate those changes.

OSLC Architecture Management Specification defines RESTful web services interface for the management of architectural resources and relationships between those and related resources such as product change requests, activities, tasks, requirements or test cases. To support these scenarios, this specification defines a set of HTTP-based RESTful interfaces in terms of HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE, as well as HTTP response codes, content type handling and resource formats.
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  The OSLC Architecture Management Specification is part of a broader set of OSLC specifications that are part of the OSLC-OP project. In particular, OSLC-Core ( provides the core services upon which the Architecture Management specification is built.
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