Your PSD01 for OSLC Tracked Resource Set v3.0 is now available (also note for Editors)

Paul Knight

Members of the OSLC Open Project,

Your request to publish OSLC Tracked Resource Set v3.0 PSD01 is complete. You can access the files at:

OSLC Tracked Resource Set Version 3.0
Project Specification Draft 01
26 August 2021

OSLC Tracked Resource Set Version 3.0. Part 1: Specification
OSLC Tracked Resource Set Version 3.0. Part 2: Vocabulary
OSLC Tracked Resource Set Version 3.0. Part 3: Constraints
Turtle files:

Note for Editors:

Since there were numerous incomplete/incorrect elements in the front matter (above the Table of Contents, not part of the actual specification), we fixed those elements to enable publication. You can see the notes in the JIRA ticket

By comparing the submitted HTML files (in with the published HTML files (in, you should be able to see exactly what was changed. Please plan to make similar changes for your future publications of this specification.

Also please note the handling of the file "guidance.html", which cannot be published as a part of OSLC Tracked Resource Set v3.0. I would suggest handling it similar to the guidance document cited in OSLC Core (, as shown here:

Related work:
    This specification is related to:
        OSLC Core Version 3.0: Link Guidance. Work in progress. Current draft:

As an alternative, you may want to publish the guidance document (in separately as an Open Project Note or Open Project Note Draft, and refer to it from this TRS specification.

Please let us know if we can help further.

Best regards,

Paul Knight

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