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At our last meeting it was asserted that using OSLC Query for back link discovery was completely untenable for larger installations because each and every IBM-ELM project area in every application must be queried. After some testing I would like to nuance this assertation. Recall that part of the issue here to what degree ProjectArea (aka ServiceProvider) association is required to create links.


GC mode

In GC compliant mode ProjectArea associates are not required to create links. Still it is only possible to create links to local configurations that are in the selected GC. For many cases the list of ProjectArea/ServiceProviders in a GC will be short.  


Non-GC mode

In non-GC mode ProjectArea is required to create links.



It is certainly true that we can imagine situations where using OSLC Query for back links might be untenable. I would suggest that there are many situations where OSLC query remains a workable options.


  1. In non-GC mode with a limited number of ServiceProviders which is the usual case
  2. In GC-mode with a smaller GCs


If an OSLC compliant application is integrated with IBM-ELM then an application can we can use LDX. If not then it is likely that one of the two conditions apply.






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