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Forgive the new guy question…


I may need a quick tutorial on how we as a team perform our section edits.

I’ve gotten a markdown editor, but git seems to let me perform edits online.  How do we prefer to operate?


Please advise.



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Hi Jim


Here are quick notes from yesterday.

The meeting focused on allocating the profiles sections.  Here are people that signed up for sections:


**basic topics**

Root Services – Jim A

Authentication  - Ed Gentry

CSP for Friends – Frej  - We agreed that this section should be called enabling delegated UI

Selection dialogs – Tanu (PTC) – this is the provider side

CORS for Friends – Ed – this section should also be renamed not to rely on the Friend concept

Previews – Tanu (PTC). We also agreed that previews should change to a must for proper linking support.

** Bi-directional topics **

Ownership – Eran (with support from ED)

Put on resources -  TBD, No volunteers despite this should be fairly simple    -  Next week

Query - Discuss next week.

    There was quite a bit of discussion triggered by David warning that this is a big challenge. We need to find a practical way to sort this out.

    PTC also implemented query for incoming links, need to see if we can get some interoperability here.

** Config aware topics

Linking with config management providers – David Honey

TRS provisioning for Link index providers – TBD




Eran Gery – Global Industry Solutions Lead, IBM ELM


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