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Robert Baillargeon

I, too, unfortunately, have a conflict tomorrow.

As this is focused on ELM as the dominant case, I would suggest identifying a critical integration point to add to the profile for consumers.

As we look at discovery scenarios, we need to eliminate the issue of silent failures.  This is common in integrations with the AM profile but also in other scenarios.  Effectively we see scenarios where an OSLC query fails due to a slow response or lack of authentication (direct or downstream GC authentication) that doesn't notify users.  Users interpret this as an issue with the providing data source rather than the consuming repository.  I believe we should have requirements that discoveries should not fail silently and notify or prompt the user to identify information that may be missing and with the cause.  

This concretely happens in DNG configuration managed with AM links external to ELM family.  Forcing an OAuth cycle (by a "create a link" dialog) will allow existing links to present themselves magically.


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Hi All


I have a conflict tomorrow..

I sent out a draft document for the linking profiles intent and requirements… please send me comments/feedback by email




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