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Ollerton, Patrick

Hi everyone,


I’m pleased to say that the PTC PLM team are willing to contribute to improvements to the OSLC standards as they relate to PLM. 


To that end, I’d like to introduce Tanupreet Jolly, who is a Product Owner for Windchill PLM and will work with me on these projects. We will feed back progress to the wider PTC team for input, agreement and ultimately approval of new/improved standards to better support PLM systems. We will try to attend the OSLC Ops call, schedules permitting. I’ve copied in my boss, Hedley Apperly and Tanu’s boss, Jeff Zemsky.


Our main goal would be to help define a new PLM Domain for OSLC to better represent PLM tools and improve ALM-PLM interaction.

  • To help us get started, please can you share details on the OASIS process used to request, propose, define and approve a new OSLC standard?
  • Who would lead, or chair such a project?
  • Also if it’s possible to share the previous work done on a PLM domain, we can review and maybe get a jump start.


We’re looking forward to working together on these important initiatives.






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Thanks Andrew


We indeed had a meeting… we basically “onboarded” Patrick from PTC on the topics.

Patrick also presented what PTC is doing. PTC uses OSLC to integrate Integrity requirements, Windchill Modeler, and Windchill PLM. In addition they integrate with DOORS/DNG requirements and also Polarion. They will also use it to integrate Intland ALM tools.

 Essentially they use a peer2peer query to find incoming links. So they do not use a link index service. However what they do is relevant for the intermediate profile, and we should have a discussion how it aligns with OSLC query.

We also had some good initial discussion related to PLM domain. We discussed that specifying a vocabulary for PLM requires a PLM vendor to sign off… so he needs to come back and indicate if PTC can sign off to this.



IBM - Gray, Eran

PTC – Patrick Ollerton

Raytheon – Jim Gammon

Sodius – Frej


Best regards,



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