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Gentry, Edward

Well IBM/ELM/Jazz has a discovery namespace:


This was developed after 3.x because it of perceived architectural limitations of the rootservices. But rootservices was never deprecated so now Jazz has both.


The discovery service idea was actually pretty good. Applications contribute services to the JTS and the JTS allows these to be discovered. You can see some of this in the browser, also do GET on /rm/scr to see the contribution.


I suspect, that what your seeing is perhaps a relic of this, where the discovery idea was to be contributed to OSLC.


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Could someone refresh my memory on what xmlns:oslc_disc=“” is and when was it deprecated, please?



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I am new to OSLC/lyo and the @Oslc… magic lyo is using. Bear with me, if I my mistake is obvious.

I use a recent DNG 7.0.2 and I try to use the ETMSample (changes certain locations from QM to RM) after fetching the rootservices it’s loading the catalog from ttps://


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