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Jad El-Khoury

I guess it's just a number in the end. Not sure how it can make the evening longer. 
What would be really practical would be to have one common global timezone,   to make it esiser to book our meetings. 

Having said that, the time change means i have a clash with a local meeting. 


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I'll believe it when the president signs it. Daylight savings is so we can all stay up late. 

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Hmm, look at that!

Though I am not fully sure why the daylight saving time becomes permanent, not the standard time.

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I think Jim scheduled the meetings to start at 10:00 EDT/EST. It will be 15:00 CET this week and next week for us and back to 16:00 starting with March 30. Do you wish to change that?
I am planning to join this week (W11) and W13. Next week (W12) I will have a quarterly project meeting conflict from 13:30 till 17:30, so moving the meeting 1h forward/backward will not help.
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It’s that time of the year again, where time savings kick in differently. we in Sweden are still on the old time, but I suspect some have already changed?
So what time is the OSLC OP following? CET?
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