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Chet Ensign

You're welcome. We are excited, too. OSLC is paving the way for more projects to follow. 


On Thu, Jun 24, 2021 at 9:19 AM Andrii Berezovskyi <andriib@...> wrote:

Hello Chet,


Thank you for closing the call for consent. I am excited about another OSLC OASIS Standard being published. Thank you and all OSLC OP members for your effort to make this happen!




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Subject: [oslc-op] Email sent to voters re: [voting] Groups - Ballot closed: "Call for consent of OSLC Requirements Management V2.1 as an OASIS Standard"


Participants in the OSLC Open Project, 


Congratulations. The call for consent to approve Requirements Management V2.1 as an OASIS Standard has closed and passed. 


We will now undertake publishing the OS. JIRA ticket has been opened to manage the work. 


We'll let you know when the OS is available. Meanwhile, congratulations. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions. 





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Date: Mon, Jun 21, 2021 at 8:11 PM
Subject: Email sent to voters re: [voting] Groups - Ballot closed: "Call for consent of OSLC Requirements Management V2.1 as an OASIS Standard"
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Call for consent of OSLC Requirements Management V2.1 as an OASIS Standard has closed.

Ballot Title: Call for consent of OSLC Requirements Management V2.1 as an OASIS Standard

OSLC Requirements Management V2.1 has been presented to the membership by the OSLC OP[1] as a candidate for OASIS Standard. Do you consent or object to its approval as an OASIS Standard?

Voting Results

10 of 179 eligible companies cast their vote before the deadline. - Consent received 10 Votes - Object received 0 Votes The ballot received 0 comments.

OASIS Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is an OASIS Open Project operating under the Open Project Rules [2]. Specifically, Requirements Management v2.1 has proceeded through the standards process defined in and is presented for consideration as an OASIS Standard following the rules in

The OSLC initiative applies Linked Data principles, such as those defined in the W3C Linked Data Platform (LDP), to create a cohesive set of specifications that can enable products, services, and other distributed network resources to interoperate successfully.

Requirements Management V2.1 builds on OSLC's Core Specification to define the resources, properties and operations to be supported by an OSLC Requirements Definition and Management server. Note that PS02 was produced to correct non-material changes discovered during the 60-day public review. This was done in accordance with the procedures outlined in section 2.8.2 of the TC Process (

The PS received 3 Statements of Use from SodiusWillert, IBM, and KTH Royal Institute of Technology [3].

This is a call to the Organizational Members of OASIS to consent or object to this approval. You are welcome to register your consent explicitly on the ballot; however your consent is assumed unless you register an objection [3]. To register an objection, you must:

1. Indicate your objection on this ballot, and

2. Provide a reason for your objection and/or a proposed remedy to the OP.

You may provide the reason in the comment box or by email to the Open Project on its comment mailing list [4]. If you provide your reason by email, please indicate in the subject line that this is in regard to the Call for Consent.


The prose specification document and related files are available here:

OSLC Requirements Management Version 2.1
Project Specification 02
28 May 2021

- Part 1: Specification



- Part 2: Vocabulary



- Part 3: Constraints



- Requirements Management Vocabulary definitions file:

- Requirements Management Resource Shape Constraints definitions file:

--- Additional information ---

[1] OASIS Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) OP

[2] Open Project Rules

[3] Links to Statements of Use

- SodiusWillert :

- IBM:

- KTH Royal Institute of Technology

[4] Comments may be submitted to the OSLC OP via the project mailing list at oslc-op@.... To subscribe, send an empty email to oslc-op+subscribe@... and reply to the confirmation email.

All emails to the OP are publicly archived and can be viewed at:

View Results

Group: OASIS organizational voting
Date Opened: Tuesday, 8 June 2021 @ 12:00 am UTC
Date Closed: Monday, 21 June 2021 @ 11:59 pm UTC

This email has been sent to 260 members of OASIS Open.
Here is a list of members who were notified:

  • Robert Coderre
  • Tom Fahey
  • Beetle Bailey
  • scott tester
  • Vivek Kumar
  • Mr. Abbie Barbir
  • Dr. Florian Skopik
  • Michael Stahl
  • Mr. John Heywood
  • Hugh Njemanze
  • Greg Fischer
  • Cameron Esfahani
  • Mr. Will Rideout
  • Jim Price
  • Dr. Gerhard Heyer
  • Maria Adamczyk
  • Gunnar Peterson
  • David Harte
  • Mr. Alvaro Sandoval
  • Mr. Francisco Cifuentes
  • Mr. David Vilches
  • Jim Tivy
  • Sandra Brown
  • Mary Wilson
  • Trey Darley
  • Mr. Thorsten Behrens
  • Mr. Alexandre Dulaunoy
  • Narendra Vad
  • Morten Ollgaard
  • Matthew Reed
  • Mrs. Dawn Stevens
  • Mr. Daniel Riedel
  • Tim Hudson
  • Mr. Tony Cox
  • Mr. Greg Scott
  • Arsalan Iqbal
  • Mr. Mirza Asrar
  • Mr. Yousef Mirza
  • Ms. Jane Ginn
  • Mr. Andreas Sfakianakis
  • Mr. Ben Ottoman
  • Mr. Nick Sturgeon
  • Mr. Bret Jordan
  • Stephen Campbell
  • Mr. Brad Rhodes
  • Mr. Anuj Goel
  • Ole Madsen
  • Mr. Ryan Hohimer
  • Mr. Timothy Casey
  • Mr. Gauthier Fanmuy
  • Judith Furlong
  • Mr. Arno Schamber
  • Preston Werntz
  • Mr. Torsten Kirschner
  • Mr. Sigbjorn Berntzen
  • Raymon van der Velde
  • Mr. Aukjan van Belkum
  • Ms. Lulu Lin
  • Matt Wakefield
  • Mark Nixon
  • Zaiming Shi
  • Zibo Zhou
  • Xinyu Liu
  • Mr. Jianbo He
  • William Yang
  • Dmitrii Fedoseev
  • Thomas Sigdestad
  • Richard Hogue
  • Mario Ouellet
  • Ms. Carolina Canales-Valenzuela
  • Michael Staudinger
  • Andreas Schaffhauser
  • Claudio Fabiani
  • Mr. Olivier Leboeuf
  • Pavel Rychly
  • Thomas Schmidt
  • Dennis Weddig
  • Antonis Gotsis
  • Chris Ricard
  • Mr. Charles White
  • Mr. Gerald Stueve
  • Mr. Daniel Mallmann
  • Ms. Makiko Shimamura
  • Mrs. Shirley-Ann Fiagome
  • Daniel Mensah
  • Jeremy Allison
  • Paul Anderson
  • George Knecht
  • Mr. Eric Eastman
  • Christoph Meinel
  • Dr. Sebastian Leder
  • Priya Mysore
  • Mr. Christopher Hillier
  • Mr. Shiva Dasari
  • Akihito Sawada
  • Dr. Masato Terada
  • Christian Goetz
  • Ms. Fang You
  • Bojan Simic
  • Mr. Jason Keirstead
  • Dr. Sid Baccam
  • Ashwini Jarral
  • Ryan Foley
  • Dr. Michael Markowitz
  • Arvi Tavast
  • Constance Bommelaer
  • Steve Olshansky
  • Olaf Kolkman
  • Ken Klingenstein
  • Mr. Eric Sirois
  • Serge Huber
  • Mr. Thomas Draier
  • Mr. Kevan Jahanshahi
  • Damian Tamburri
  • Mr. Thomas Smith
  • Mr. Christian Stoneburner
  • Simon Krek
  • James Ferguson
  • Beth Pumo
  • Camilla Boemann
  • Todd Smith
  • Carlos Manjarez
  • Dr. Milos Jakubicek
  • Jacques de Wit
  • Jeremy Haas
  • Norm Laudermilch
  • Mr. Snorri Ogata
  • Mr. Thomas Hardjono
  • Mr. Kent Landfield
  • Mario Velazquez
  • Mr. Michael Angelo
  • Peggy Moloney
  • Marc Boget
  • Mr. Doraiswamy ('Raj') Rajagopal
  • Noam Eppel
  • Mr. Joe Wheeler
  • Gary Crowe
  • Mr. Jim Harris
  • Mr. Paul Embley
  • Ms. Diana Graski
  • Mr. James McMillan
  • Ms. Barbara Holmes
  • Ms. Jannet Lewis
  • Denise Anderson
  • Mr. Mike Boyle
  • John McCrae
  • Hamish Cameron
  • Mr. Takahiro SUGIYAMA
  • Mr. Takahiro Kakumaru
  • Tim Chevalier
  • Cynthia James
  • Tina Carrillo
  • Erin O'Reilly
  • Philip Weir
  • Mr. Kevin Mangold
  • Dr. Andrea Hardy
  • Mr. Timo Perala
  • Sandra Forney
  • Mr. James Crossland
  • Mr. Paul Seay
  • Mr. Scott McGrath
  • Mr. Guy Martin
  • Andre Fatton
  • Mr. Scott Simmons
  • Don Thibeau
  • Stephanie Meli
  • Mr. Rolf Bienert
  • Matti Moell
  • Dr. Martin Chapman
  • Dr. Anish Karmarkar
  • Dr. Mark Joseph
  • Mr. Chris Chiesa
  • Mr. Joel Myhre
  • Ryan Olson
  • Melody Pleasure
  • Peter Reynolds
  • Danilo Ardagna
  • Mr. Rob Hanna
  • Mr. Jonathan Piasecki
  • Ms. Joyce Lam
  • Mr. Gershon Joseph
  • Mr. Keith Schengili-Roberts
  • Mr. Jordan Jones
  • Stefano Calabrese
  • Mr. Tomas Gustavsson
  • Mr. Martin Oczko
  • Mr. Oreste Panaia-Costa
  • Mr. Mark Biamonte
  • Dr. Yasuyuki Nishioka
  • Maria Manuela Cruz
  • Dr. Danilo Beuche
  • John Leiseboer
  • Kenli Chong
  • Dr. Warren Armstrong
  • Dr. Jane Melia
  • Mr. Martin Shannon
  • Dr. Florian Poppa
  • Sam DeBord
  • Dr. Mark Little
  • Kevin Brown
  • Forrest Hare
  • Dr. Ralf Handl
  • Mr. Erich Clauer
  • Mr. Nuno Linhares
  • Mr. Frank Closset
  • David Bizeul
  • Dr. Georges Bossert
  • Mr. Stephen Edwards
  • Scott Hudson
  • Mr. Duncan Sparrell
  • Mr. Marquart FRANZ
  • Dr. Phu Nguyen
  • Dr. Hui Song
  • Mr. Prasad Yendluri
  • David Charles
  • Mr. Pim van der Eijk
  • Joe Levy
  • Alexandre Cabrol Perales
  • Leif Johansson
  • Adam Wyner
  • Kerstin Wiss-Holmdahl
  • Dr. Martin Torngren
  • Ms. Hyunsook Choi
  • Mr. Florian Effenberger
  • Jens Aabol
  • Andrew Pendergast
  • Haig Colter
  • Denny Page
  • Mikkel Brun
  • Kris Anderson
  • Mr. David Girard
  • David Lewis
  • Ori Eisen
  • Julie Wang
  • Brian McGrath
  • Philip Baughman
  • Enrique Othon
  • Mrs. Stephanie Ives
  • Mr. Arun Kumar
  • Ryan Villalpando
  • Mr. Steve Kastner
  • Mr. Olivier Dobberkau
  • Simon Johnson
  • Franco Turini
  • Antonio Brogi
  • Gheorghe Cosmin Silaghi
  • Mrs. Monica Palmirani
  • Reka Markovich
  • Toby Considine
  • Vasileios Mavroeidis
  • Dr. Gabriele Pierantoni
  • Michael Grimley
  • Sherman Charles
  • Mr. Dieter Bong
  • Dr. Carlos Evia
  • Mr. VMware Industry Standards Office
  • David Dufour
  • Matt Vickers
  • David Riddoch

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