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Axel Reichwein

Great job David on the OSLC CM Primer! 

I've noticed in discussions with potential clients that the mapping from git versioning concepts to OSLC CM is very straight forward, but that the mapping from PLM versioning concepts to OSLC CM isn't, especially as the concept of a "baseline" isn't that immutable in PLM. I have the feeling that this mapping between  PLM versioning concepts to  OSLC CM needs to be discussed more so that we can more easily adopt OSLC CM in PLM. 

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On Mon, Mar 1, 2021 at 10:15 AM Jad El-Khoury <jad@...> wrote:

Hi David


I ffinally found some time to read your CM Primer.


To me, the primer explains the concepts quite well. I understand them at least.

I don't know if it covers all the concepts in the specs. But whatever is being explained is done well.


And I now understand your intention of not having a step-by-step kind of instructions. I think what you have is better.


I have some minor questions and suggestions, but the overall content is very nice.

Please see attached document for some comments and questions. (It’s a word document so I can add review comments, but it’s an exact copy from the link above)


Do you think the document is ready from your side, or are you planning to work more on it?




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