Re: 2021 INCOSE IW and OpenMBEE Joint Workshop Invitation

Axel Reichwein

I agree. If we had a 1h slot for a presentation or demo to OpenMBEE, what do you think should be the agenda? My feeling is that we should give a high level intro to OSLC, and then demo tools/libraries like Eclipse Lyo, Lyo Designer, PySOLC. What do you think? 

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SysML-related event FYI

OpenMBEE folks joined our OSLC conf in May 2020 and expressed interest offline. We should try to reconnect given that we have a common touchpoint.

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Subject: RE: 2021 INCOSE IW and OpenMBEE Joint Workshop Invitation
Date: W4 28 January 2021 at 20:19:00 CET

I was informed that I used the wrong time zone indicator in my previous email. I have updated it below.
Thanks so much for letting me know!
From: Friedland (US), Brittany A 
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Subject: 2021 INCOSE IW and OpenMBEE Joint Workshop Invitation
I would like to invite everyone to attend the 2021 INCOSE IW and OpenMBEE joint workshop.

Monday Feb 1, 2021


9:00-9:05am PST: Introduction/Workshop Start – Brittany Friedland
9:05- 10:00am PST: OpenMBEE Community as Industry Driver– Enrique Krajmalnik
10:00-10:30am PST: OpenMBEE Intro – Chris Delp/Robert Karban
10:30-11:40 am PST: OpenMBEE Update
·         MMS 4 Update – Ward Schweitzer / Ivan Gomes
·         MCF- Chaz Galey
·         NumFocus Inclusion – Chris Delp 
11:40-12:30pm PST: Lunch
12:30-1pm PST: Ford’s OpenMBEE Pilot Project Overview– Ahsan Qamar & Federico Mejia
1:00-2:00pm PST: Open Discussion on SysML V2 - All
·         SysML V2 Formulation Working Group – Chris Delp
·         SysML V2 and Stakeholder Review – Sandy Friedenthal
·         User Research – John Carr

·         SysML V1à SysML V2 Transition – Ron Williamson

Virtual Meeting Information

Meeting number (access code): 144 063 8049
Meeting password: QMrJuZmg324 
Brittany Friedland
425-299-5876 (work cellphone)

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