[Bug 568703] [release] technology.lyo 4.0.0

Andrii Berezovskyi


That’s the request I got from Eclipse. Thoughts? Anyone ready to help with updating the headers? I will also ask if we can keep EPL2/BSD but we should be ready for a discussion with Eclipse about that, I think the policy is to only have sample/test suite/generated code under BSD and the rest under EPL.


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Subject: [Bug 568703] [release] technology.lyo 4.0.0

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--- Comment #1 from Wayne Beaton <wayne.beaton@...> ---
Is it possible to update the project code to EPL-2.0 for this release (there is
some help in Bug 530393)? If yes, please do make the change and let me know
when you have it complete. If no, then please make it a priority following the
release (and send a note to emo@... to let us know so that we can
update the project metadata).

When you do update the license, please add a LICENSE file it the root of each

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