Re: OSLC 2020 Reference Implementation ready for review

Andrii Berezovskyi

Hello Jad,

I think all the old reference implementations are under is not a full RIO but just a sample of OSLC3/LDP implementation.


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What “two other reference implementations” do you have in mind? I think we should find these things and “deprecated them” but pointing reader to the new content.
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Perfect, and as I expected.
You might want to include some of this in the Others might find it useful too.

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Hello Jim, 
Yes, all of them are generated using Lyo Designer.
We will have to check but at the time yes, they replace other reference implementations for all OSLC users. We have to check in the future if there are some capabilities present in old reference implementations and consider porting them at least to one server of the 2020 refimpl to see if they fully replace other refimpls for the SoUs if that's what you are after.
You are right, there are no OSLC 3 specific features, but we were clearly not planning to undertake that in the contract from the start. By the way, is there a list of them somewhere? I guess LDP integration and OAuth2/OIDC are the top two?
For the AM, the following vocab is used:

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Are these all generated by Lyo Designer? 
Do they replace the two other reference implementations that were part of Eclipse Lyo? 
And I assume they have no OSLC3 specific features?
What vocabulary is used for AM? 

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [oslc-op] OSLC 2020 Reference Implementation ready for review


I am glad to submit finished OSLC 2020 Reference Implementation for your review and approval following the work we've done under the PGB contract: 

We are ready to present it at the next scheduled PGB meeting.

Best regards,


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