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Andrii Berezovskyi


Jad, good catch! I have done the updates to the page: I also updated the text a bit on under "Working Groups" but would be better to try merging the info in the README into the page. Also, how did a photo of TimBL end up there?!

Regarding the meeting today, I suggested many times to use a UTC invite but Jim sets it up in US Eastern. Today we will meet at 14:00 UTC:

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On 29 October 2020, at 07:25, Jad El-Khoury <jad@...> wrote:

Good morning
We have changed back to winter time in europe, so I’m trying to find the source schedule for our meetings to confirm our meeting time.
Where can I find it? would have been a good place, but nothing there.
While at it, worth noting that on that page, the link to “Working Groups” is broken.
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