PGB meeting tomorrow for the first 20 minutes of the weekly OP call

Andrii Berezovskyi

Dear PGB members,

My apologies for the late email but I forgot to notify you that we are planning to hold a quick (20 min) PGB call tomorrow during the first 20 minutes of the OSLC OP call at 1600 CET (1000 Eastern if I recall correctly).


  1. Approve the template for soliciting Statements of Use for promoting OSLC OP Project Specifications to Candidate OASIS Standards. Draft for review and comments:

If you are unable to attend tomorrow, we will appreciate your feedback left on the document and here in the PGB mailing list with the summary of your decision. Me and Jim are in agreement over the SoU solicitation plan.

Dear OP members, the regular meeting will be postponed by 15-20 minutes tomorrow. You are all welcome to listen in on the PGB call. We will use the same Jitsi room for both the PGB call and the subsequent regular OP call.

Best regards,

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