Jena track at ApacheCon

Andrii Berezovskyi


From: Andy Seaborne <andy@...>
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2020 4:57 PM
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Subject: Jena track at ApacheCon
ApacheCon 2020 is online and free.

Jena track at ApacheCon:

Please come join us on 30/Sept and discuss all things semantic.

** Apache Jena GeoSPARQL
Marco Neumann

** XML -> JSON -> RDF : Another iteration in data format evolution
Claude Warren

** SHACL in Apache Jena
Andy Seaborne

** Buddhist Digital Archives (BUDA), RDF and jena-text
Chris Tomlinson, Élie Roux

** Semantic Graph BoF hosted by Apache Jena
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