Re: ReSpec updates

Andrii Berezovskyi


After the call with Chet, Jim, and Nick today I tried my chances with JS by editing ReSpec and tried the results out on the RM spec (sorry Jad :D). Please find attached two rendered specs for the WD and the PSD.


  • Do not generate PDF links for the latest version of the spec.
  • Do not generate PDF links for WD and PSD.
  • Do not supply publication date for WDs unless set (to avoid misleading users with either too old date or today's date while the last modification actually happened somewhere in between).
  • Show document status in the subtitle
  • Show publication date on the same line with the status (if applicable)
  • Serve ReSpec via JSDelivr that @specifies the tag.
  • Add latest and latest-draft redirects for RM
  • Update all published URIs to¬†

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