OSLC OP Meeting minutes (Jan 5, 2023)

Jim Amsden

OSLC OP Meeting minutes (Jan 5, 2023)

Chairs: Jim Amsden, Jad El-khoury


  • Jim Amsden (KTH)
  • David Honey (IBM)
  • Partrick Ollerton (PTC)
  • Frej (SodiusWillert)

Previous minutes: https://github.com/oslc-op/oslc-admin/blob/master/minutes/2022/20221222.md


  • Linking Profiles specification editing progress
  • Request SMV to submit Config Management 1.0 for COS
  • OSLC Automation spec


TRS 3.0 PS02 is in the process of being published. Once published we can request a SMV to submit as candidate OASIS Standard and start the public review period.

Config Management 1.0 is still blocked pending a third statement of use.

No followup activity on the Automation spec as yet. Still pending.

Linking profile progress is slow due to resource commitments.

Priorities for 2023:

  1. TRS to OASIS Standard
  2. Config Management to OASIS Standard
  3. Complete Linking Profile and determine implications for Incoming Link Discovery Service, understanding PLM versioning and relationship to OSLC Config Management
  4. Start working on Config Management 2.0 - address change set delivery, history operations, and PLM versioning

Action items

  • Jim (or Jad?) to publish NS files - with help of Andrew. Config Management PSD01 was published, but not TRS? Andrew says PSD01 files were published for TRS
  • Jim to publish NS files for PS01 Config and TRS, not wait until OS. COS is not really a published stage, just a milestone
  • Jim will check the release tags, at least the latest revision is tagged.
  • Jim will continue the process to submit Config Management 1.0 for COS - pending 3rd SoU
  • Patrick & Tanupreet to provide a SoU for Config Managemnet 1.0 (They got an email from Andrew with info)