OSLC-OP Meeting Minutes 2023-02-09

Jim Amsden

OSLC OP Meeting minutes (Feb 09, 2023)

Chairs: Jim Amsden, Jad El-khoury


  • [x] Jim Amsden (KTH)
  • [x] Jad El-khoury (KTH)
  • [ ] Gray Bachelor (IBM)
  • [x] David Honey (IBM)
  • [x] Eran Gray (IBM)
  • [ ] Jim Gammon (Raython Technologies)
  • [ ] Partrick Ollerton (PTC)
  • [ ] Michael Rowe (IBM)
  • [x] Ed Gentry (MID)
  • [ ] Tanu (PTC)
  • [ ] Frej (SodiusWillert)
  • [ ] Andrew Berezovskyi (KTH)
  • [ ] Ralph Schoon (IBM)
  • [ ] Axel Reichwein (Koneksys)
  • [ ] Unai Esandi
  • [x] Martin Ulrich (Bosch)

Previous minutes: https://github.com/oslc-op/oslc-admin/blob/master/minutes/2022/2023-02-02.md


  • [x] Linking Profiles specification editing progress
  • [x] Request SMV to submit Config Management 1.0 for COS
  • [ ] Configuration Management Topics - establishing the scope for config 1.1?
    • [ ] Change Set Delivery
    • [ ] History
    • [ ] PLM versioning alignment


Linking Profile

We decided to distinguish OSLC properties as either primary or secondary. Primary properties are those properties where the server persists the subject of assertions involving the property. The linking profile will specify that the assertion triple (or link) involving a primary property must be stored on the same server as the subject of that assertion. 

Secondary properties are optional and if supported, non-config-aware servers can store associated triples while config-aware servers must treate them as incoming links accessed through some query mechanism such as OSLC Query.

Where products have specific implementations for secondary link storage, that should be documented in the products to faclilitate integration with other servers.

We discussed Issue #588: OSLC Change Management 3.0 is missing link properties to OSLC Quality Management Resources that the RDF properties needed for the primary links between CM and QM resources are missing in OSLC CM 3.0. OSLC-OP members should review that issue and provide their feedback soon so that we can quickly address this issue with CM 1.1.

Eran presented a proposed set of primary and secondary link properties. This will be delivered to the link profile soon so that it can be reviewed.

The question of an Incoming Link Discovery Service is still open for duscssion.

Configuration Management 1.0 COS

Ed will provide the SoU from Mid this week.

Configuration Management 1.1

Discussion will continue in coming weeks.

Action items

  • [ ] Jim to research missing CM to QM backlinks with David Honey to determine if these properties are mssing in CM.
  • [ ] Raise a CM issue 
  • [ ] Jad/Jim to reinitiate the PGB meetings - convert current series
  • [ ] Eran to reach out the Linking Profile assignees to ensure some progress occurs.
  • [ ] Jim (or Jad?) to publish NS files - with help of Andrew. Config Management PSD01 was published, but not TRS? Andrew says PSD01 files were published for TRS 
  • [ ] Jim to publish NS files for PS01 Config and TRS, not wait until OS. COS is not really a published stage, just a milestone 
  • [ ] Jim will check the release tags, at least the latest revision is tagged.
  • [ ] Jim will continue the process to submit Config Management 1.0 for COS - pending 3rd SoU
  • [ ] Patrick & Tanupreet to provide a SoU for Config Managemnet 1.0 (They got an email from Andrew with info)