OSLC-OP Meeting Minutes 2022-12-22

Jim Amsden

OSLC OP Meeting minutes (Dec 22, 2022)

Chairs: Jim Amsden, Jad El-khoury


  •  Jim Amsden (KTH)
  •  David Honey (IBM)
  •  Ean Gray (IBM)

Previous minutes: https://github.com/oslc-op/oslc-admin/blob/master/minutes/2022/20221215.md


  •  Linking Profiles specification editing progress
  •  Request SMV to submit Config Management 1.0 for COS
  •  OSLC Automation spec


What's needed in OSLC to enable standard drag and drop? A resource and have 2 URIs, GET with Accept=RDF type, will get content. Or it could be a GET on a URI for accessing a UI representation, Accept=text/html could redirect to the Web UI to display that resource.

Use case: standardize how to do drag-and-drop to create linking. i.e., like the selection dialog standardizes how the selected resource URIs are returned to the application through the iframe, something similar could be done for drag-and-drop. The source and target URIs for drag and drop need to be predictable.

Jim is working on the final changes to get TRS 3.0 PS02 published, which will become the Candidate OASIS Standard.

Open discussion on PLM and configuration management.

Action items

  •  Jim (or Jad?) to publish NS files - with help of Andrew. Config Management PSD01 was published, but not TRS? Andrew says PSD01 files were published for TRS
  •  Jim to publish NS files for PS01 Config and TRS, not wait until OS. COS is not really a published stage, just a milestone
  •  Jim will check the release tags, at least the latest revision is tagged.
  •  Jim will continue the process to submit Config Management 1.0 for COS - pending 3rd SoU
  •  Patrick & Tanupreet to provide a SoU for Config Managemnet 1.0 (They got an email from Andrew with info)