OSLC-OP 2023-02-32 Meeting Minutes

Jim Amsden

OSLC OP Meeting minutes (Feb 23, 2023)

Chairs: Jim Amsden, Jad El-khoury


  • [x] Jim Amsden (KTH)
  • [ ] Jad El-khoury (KTH)
  • [ ] Gray Bachelor (IBM)
  • [x] David Honey (IBM)
  • [x] Eran Gray (IBM)
  • [ ] Jim Gammon (Raython Technologies)
  • [ ] Partrick Ollerton (PTC)
  • [ ] Michael Rowe (IBM)
  • [x] Ed Gentry (MID)
  • [ ] Tanu (PTC)
  • [x] Frej (SodiusWillert)
  • [ ] Andrew Berezovskyi (KTH)
  • [x] Ralph Schoon (IBM)
  • [ ] Axel Reichwein (Koneksys)
  • [x] Unai Esandi (Ikerlan)
  • [x] Martin Ulrich (Bosch)

Previous minutes: https://github.com/oslc-op/oslc-admin/blob/master/minutes/2022/2023-02-16.md


  • [ ] Linking Profiles specification editing progress
  • [ ] Link Discovery Management Topics
  • [ ] Configuration Management Topics - establishing the scope for config 1.1?
    • [ ] Change Set Delivery
    • [ ] History
    • [ ] PLM versioning alignment



Unai joined, expects to resume OSLC work. Participating in European project: Adeptness, establish a framework for deployment, validation and monitoring of long-term systems. In the final stages. Works on a data model, want to enable integration with OSLC lifecycle tools. Implementation configuration management. Working on translating data model to participate in OSLC integrations. Some questions on how to model data in RDF. May be interested in OSLC Automation specification. Unai will prepare a presentation to provide more detail in a future meeting in the next week or two. 

Linking Profiles

Eran's updates have been merged. Eran still has updates in response to Martin's comments in the pull request. Ed will only be able to work on the linking profile. 

Link Discovery Management

Eran has submitted an introduction to Link Discovery Management. Eran and Martin will be coeditors. Jim will provide an initial document for editing. 

Eran reviewed the submitted introduction. What do you index? If the object of an RDF statement is an Object (not primitive), then the statement is a link that is a candidate to be indexed. There could be other approaches where the links that are stored are specific to a usage pattern. 

What links are contributed to an LDM server, and how those links are delivered is not the subject of the LDM specification. Rather the LDM specification defines what an LDM server must do to provide incoming link discovery services by some client application. TRS could be a way to deliver content to an LDM server, possibly filtered to store only links, or only specific links. But that defines what links the server is able to support, not what the service is that it provides to clients to access those links.

The information needed for link discovery is the target resource URLs, the desired link predicate URLs, and the configuration context URL and returns a list of triples of using concept resources. The request should be a POST whose entity body contains the request parameters.

There should be a means of discovering LDM server instances and to know the scope of the links they might provide.

How would an LDM server describe the scope of the links it is able to provide. 

Action items

  • [x] Jim to research missing CM to QM backlinks with David Honey to determine if these properties are mssing in CM.
  • [x] Raise a CM issue 
  • [x] Jad/Jim to re-initiate the PGB meetings - convert current series
  • [x] Eran to reach out the Linking Profile assignee's to ensure some progress occurs.
  • [ ] Jim (or Jad?) to publish NS files - with help of Andrew. Config Management PSD01 was published, but not TRS? Andrew says PSD01 files were published for TRS 
  • [ ] Jim to publish NS files for PS01 Config and TRS, not wait until OS. COS is not really a published stage, just a milestone 
  • [ ] Jim will check the release tags, at least the latest revision is tagged.
  • [ ] Jim will continue the process to submit Config Management 1.0 for COS - pending 3rd SoU
  • [ ] Patrick & Tanupreet to provide a SoU for Config Managemnet 1.0 (They got an email from Andrew with info)