Locked Approve OSLC Tracked Resource Set V3.0 as a PS? #poll-result #poll-notice

Chet Ensign

Do you approve OSLC Tracked Resource Set Version 3.0 [1] as a Project Specification? 




This ballot requires a Special Majority Vote [3]. The OP PGB roster currently lists 3 voting members. In order to pass, at  2 <2/3 x 3> members have to vote Yes and none may vote No. 


[1] URI for the specification

https://lists.oasis-open-projects.org/g/oslc-op-pgb/attachment/216/0/trs-v3.0-ps01 - note that this should be opened as a ZIP file.


[2] https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/oasis-defined-terms-2018-05-22/#dSpecialMajority


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