[OSLC/oslc-site-hugo] Migrate to the OP? (#245)

Andrii Berezovskyi


I agree that we should keep PGB in the loop on all major decisions but I don’t think we should require the project to wait for the next PGB meeting to sort urgent tech and org issues out, such as whether to use open-services.net to host persistent spec URIs.

I think all such matters should be handled by the TSC and every PGB member is welcome to join the TSC.

Speaking of which, I recall that my earlier email asking for the next meeting date did not get any replies. So, when shall we have the next PGB meeting?

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Not a good idea for the TSC to decide - need PGB input. I would especially like to hear Axel and Bill's views.

I think the 14 days is only for PSD and PS votes. This is probably to ensure the PGB members have time to review the documents. The PGB should be able to vote on this in a meeting or electronic vote anytime. Most PGB members should be pretty familiar with open-services.net.

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