PGB meeting minutes 2020-11-13

Andrii Berezovskyi

Hello everyone,

We just had a PGB call where we reviewed the OSLC Reference Implementation, here are the minutes:

  • Attendees: Jim Amsden, Andrii Berezovskyi, Bill Chown, Axel Reichwein. Jad El-khoury (Eclipse Lyo Designer lead dev) attended as well, and Bill Chown left the call before the PGB had the vote.
  • Andrii presented the work published here
  • The PGB has taken a vote of approving this artifact as a deliverable for the work contracted under
    • Andrii YES
    • Axel YES
    • Jim YES
    • Bill: N/A left the call before the vote took place 
    • Jim: N/A not a PGB member
  • With 3 valid votes out of 4 possible, the vote has PASSED

Bill, I know you were driving/on the go at the time, if you saw enough of the demo you can reply here if you approve the artifact or to raise any concerns. Also, Scott (CC) wanted to get a confirmation that the work in question was indeed contracted by the OSLC StC. As you were the StC chair, could you please send Scott such a confirmation, please?   

Best regards,

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