A reminder: the end of DST approaches

Chet Ensign

Dear chairs and PGB members,

Halloween is not the only scary date approaching this month. Daylight Savings (for those who follow it) ends as well. That means your biannual "Where's Waldo" meeting week is imminent. (Waldo, by the way, is in the Netherlands and his calendar didn't correct.) 

Europe will switch to standard time on Sunday, October 25th. The US will fall back a week later, on Sunday, November 1st. (Most countries Africa, Asia, and South America do not use DST and just watch with glee from the sidelines.) A list of DST by country can be found on Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time_by_country. Petitions to stay on DST permanently abound so take your pick.

So if your group meets across the oceans, make sure your calendars properly adjust for that week out of sync. 
Best - 

Chet Ensign
Chief Technical Community Steward
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