Re: On the migration of OASIS OSLC PROMCODE TC to OSLC Open Project

Andrii Berezovskyi

Hello Mikio,

I think what Jim wrote is technically right. Tom also told me that the decision for staying as the TC is nearly finalised for the PROMCODE. Having said that, OSLC Open Project is open for everyone and you are welcome to join it, especially if you have interest in working on specs that are not nearly finished. We would be very glad to have you! Even if not working on any specs, you can simply join the OP and our calls anytime without closing or moving away from PROMCODE.


OSLC PGB co-chair
Eclipse Lyo project lead

On 14 Jan 2020, at 23:10, Jim Amsden <jamsden@...> wrote:

I don't really see the benefit. Moving to an open project will require a lot of administrative and document template changes and may not create any new value. PROMCODE could be considered an OSLC domain, but that's not its main point. We are finding that the current OSLC OP is already trying to deal with too many documents with too few contributors. I think it may be easier for the existing TC to get PROMCODE through the OASIS process. I think it would be best to keep them decoupled.

But you are welcome to make a proposal to the OSLC OP PMG.

Jim Amsden, Senior Technical Staff Member
ELM Quality Manager

From:        Mikio Aoyama <mikio.aoyama@...>
To:        Jim Amsden <jamsden@...>
Cc:        Mikio Aoyama <mikio.aoyama@...>, Tsutomu Kamimura <tomk@...>, Masaki Wakao <WAKAO@...>, kazuo.yabuta@...
Date:        01/14/2020 11:10 AM
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] On the migration of OASIS OSLC PROMCODE TC to OSLC Open Project

Dear Jim:  CC: Tom Kamimura, Kazuo Yabuta, and Masaki Wakao:

We, the OASIS OSLC PROMCODE TC members, learned that the TCs under
the OASIS OSLC member section moved to the OSLC Open Project.
So, we are discussing on the possible migration to the OSLC Open Project.
The PROMCODE specification is under the final review
to complete. So, the PROMCODE TC members are willing to
migrate to the OASIS Open Project after complete the specification.

Could you give us advice on the following points:
1. Procedure to migrate the OSLC PROMCODE TC to OSLC Open Project
2. Conditions to migrate the OSLC PROMCODE TC to the OSLC Open Project

We very much appreciate your continuous support.

Best Regards,

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