Re: Ballot for the publication of the OSLC RM 2.1 PSD02 #poll

Andrii Berezovskyi

Thanks Chet.


The PGB ballot for publishing the RM 2.1 PSD02 will stay up till October 1 to comply with the rules.





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Hmm. Rules need some clearing up. Here's what I see in the rules: 


"10.3 Electronic ballots of the PGB, when required by these rules, must be conducted on facilities provided or approved by OASIS, and must remain open for a minimum period for seven days. The Chair(s) may specify a longer voting period for a particular electronic ballot. Eligible voters may change their vote up until the end of the voting period."


"13.3 Project Specification Drafts. A PGB having at least Project Approval Minimum Membership may act to approve any set of contributions to the Project, including from its Releases or Group Releases, as an official Project Specification Draft, after giving written notice to all Contributors via the Project Tools at least fourteen days prior to taking that action (by initiating a PGB vote or consensus call). Such approval decisions are subject to the process, notice and transparency provisions of these rules."


So the ballot must remain open for at least 7 days. The 14 day issue is about the written notice prior to the vote. So if there was an entry on an issue or an email saying "we plan to approve XXX as a PSD" and that happened 14 or more days ago then that requirement is met and the ballot only has to be open 7 days. But if the ballot itself was the first written notice anybody had that this was going to happen, then it has to stay open - well actually, because the rule reads "prior to..." then 21 days - 14 for the written notice and 7 more for the ballot. 


I suspect you have earlier communications that the work is going to be moved to approval - I seem to remember some exchanges earlier, right? 





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Is it possible to allow the ballot to be closed early if the outcome is known and won’t change? E.g. we have 5 eligible voters and 3 of them already said yes, so the ballot will pass even if the remaining two voters vote no. Also, if we have a unanimous vote with 5 ayes, it makes even less sense to keep the vote open for 14 days.





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Ämne: [oslc-op-pgb] Ballot for the publication of the OSLC RM 2.1 PSD02 #poll


A new poll has been created:

Do the PGB members approve publishing OSLC RM 2.1 as the Project Specification Draft 02?

The vote opens immediately and will close on September 23, 2019. Details of the release are provided in, including the link to the ZIP archive.

1. YES, approve publishing
2. NO, needs more work

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