Minutes 2022-07-19

Andrii Berezovskyi

Hi everyone,

We had a strategic meeting today about OSLC, below are some of the highlights:

- Jim Gammon joined the call
- Jim Amsden suggested that (a) we define the scope of the OP work, (b) transfer work from the strategic call to the weekly call, (c) make sure the proposed work is backed by willing contributors capable to contribute enough work hours.
- We agreed to reduce the number of profiles to focus on from 6 to 3, keeping Basic, Bidirectional+ (to be renamed to simply Bidirectional), and Config+ (to be renamed to simply Config). We drop Bidirectional (B. "strict"), and Config "strict" profiles as they are not enough to integrate with Jazz well, as well as the Full profile as it cannot be implemented yet (without the OSLC Link Discovery spec).


Other minutes:

OP heatmap:

Also, here is the promised explanation of the use cases for the 3 profiles:

1) Basic profile allows the OSLC Server (Provider) to expose a Delegated UI that an OSLC Client (Consumer) could embed in its UI and link to the Provider Resources. The users of the Consumer tool may be forced to use the Provider tool for any actions with the Resource (by first navigating to the tool using the link). This is the most common scenario implemented by the tools according to Jad's survey: https://open-services.net/resources/tools-survey-2020/ The main purpose of this profile is to prevent vendors from claiming "partial support" of the next profile.
2) Biridectional profile is needed to integrate with Jazz without Configuration Management (aka opt-out). Link storage is supported on the Consumer or the Provider side, as required by Jazz depending on a specific link type. TRS support is required for the Jazz Link Index to work, and Query Cap is required for the backlink discovery to work when Jazz tools can't/don't rely on the Link Index.
3) Config profile allow to integrate with Jazz under Configuration Management (aka opt-in) and extends the Bidirectional profile.


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