Stepping down as a co-chair

Andrii Berezovskyi



I thought about my involvement in OSLC for a while, and I think there is a big likelihood that I won’t be able to put more time on OSLC after summer.


To make sure OSLC progress does not get slowed down by the need to focus on finishing my Ph.D., I would like to step down as a co-chair. I can stay as a PGB member for a little while longer if needed but I am ready to step down from that as well (and suggest that Jad takes the KTH seat on the PGB).


Chet, what are the next steps for us? Do we need to involve Martin Törngren who is the KTH representative at OASIS?


Jim, I hope you will be able to fill in the co-chair position with Axel, Jad, or Frej if SodiusWillert will step up to join the PGB (chairs can only be selected among PGB members, AFAIK). I hope to re-join the OP activities once I finish the Ph.D. work, but for now, let me thank you for the privilege of co-chairing the OSLC project with you and learning so much (technically and wisdom-wise) from you over the years.


I am also thankful to Jad for introducing me to OSLC, to Chet, Paul, and the rest of OASIS for supporting us, to the PGB for productive work on promoting OSLC, and to everyone in the OP for collaborating on OSLC and ways to improve tool integration! I wish the OP to flourish and gain more members in the future!


Best regards,


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