OSLC Core Version 3.0 and OSLC Query Version 3.0 approved as OASIS Standards

Chet Ensign

OASIS is pleased to announce that the call for consent has closed [1] and, effective 26 August 2021, OSLC Core Version 3.0 and Query Version 3.0 are OASIS Standards. Project Administration will now undertake the final tasks of preparing and loading the standards.

The ballot was held under the OASIS call for consent procedure [2]. In the ballot, the Candidate OASIS Standard received 7 affirmative consents and no objections.

Our congratulations to the members of the OSLC Open Project and to the community of implementers, developers and users who have brought the work successfully to this milestone.

Additional information

[1] Ballot:

[2] https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/tc-process-2017-05-26#OScallForConsent


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