Welcome Pinary to OriginBX

Mary Beth Minto

Pinary Inc. is now a Sponsor of OriginBX, a global alliance of organizations that are defining product attributes for digital trade standards. OASIS welcomes Greta Villagran, Pinary’s CEO and Founder, as the company’s representative on the OriginBX Project Governing Board.


Pinary’s mission is to make trade compliance effortless through a path of successful implementations. Pinary has more than 30 years of Strategic Business Development experience with emphasis on international trade, global logistics, and compliance and more than 20 years of extensive SAP experience specializing in Enterprise Central Component and Global Trade Services. 


Pinary joins Accenture, Amazon, IBM, Intel, UPS, and other OriginBX Sponsors whose financial commitment ensures that the project remains open to all technical participants and receives the resources it needs to succeed. If your organization is interested in becoming an OriginBX Sponsor, or if you'd like to learn more about this global alliance, please contact communications@....


Thanks, Pinary, for supporting open standards for digital trade!