OriginBX Mining & Minerals ESG stakeholders call

Carol Geyer

The OriginBX Project Governing Board has approved the formation of the Mining & Minerals ESG Working Group--the first of several industry-segment WGs planned. 

The Mining & Minerals ESG members will define an open, distributed ledger carbon certification messaging standard that will help companies meet their sustainability goals. This will not be a new certification standard. Instead, it will provide a standardized way for current certifications to be placed on a distributed ledger and attached to the SKU. It will preserve data from raw material to finished goods, allowing premiums to be accounted for on companies' carbon ledgers.

This WG will impact a range of stakeholders:
  • Producers of aluminium and steel, mining companies, ore processors
  • Commodity traders
  • Large manufacturers, e.g. automotive, aerospace, etc.
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Certification bodies, carbon offset issuers, trade & tariff regulators, customs
We're inviting key stakeholder organizations to attend a briefing on 19 Aug at 15:00 UTC or on 23 Aug at 1:00 UTC. If you're interested in contributing to this Working Group and would like an invitation to one of these calls, please contact me.



Carol Geyer

Chief Development Officer


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