OASIS Services Packages and New Sponsorship Options for Open Projects

Carol Geyer

OriginBX PGB Members,
The OASIS Open Projects program has come a long way since it was introduced in early 2019. We owe so much to the support, suggestions, and experiences you've brought to us. 

Based on some of your feedback and lessons we've learned together, we've made two exciting updates that we hope will provide more clarity, opportunities, and options for your group. Note that these do not impose any changes on your current membership.

1) We've clarified our Open Project Services in a new Matrix and FAQ
  • Projects receive either the Basic or Plus package of Core Services.
    • Basic includes all the essentials for operating a successful Open Project.
    • Plus provides more extensive support for larger, more active Open Projects.
As Core Services are funded by General Sponsor dues, projects qualify for Basic or Plus based on the amount of sponsorship they have. Because OriginBX has more than five large sponsors, you qualify for the Plus package. You receive most of the Plus services already, but the detailed list contained in the matrix should be useful for your planning as we move forward.
  • Sponsors will have the option to select and fund Supplemental Services and receive added recognition for their support. This may make it easier for OCA to engage in special activities that are outside our Core Services.

2) We've added "Premier" option for OCA sponsorship.
  • Annual dues are $60K (regardless of an organization's size).
  • Premiers may designate $20K from their dues to fund Supplemental Services for their OP.
  • Premiers may choose how their dues allocation will be used, pending approval by the PGB.
  • General Sponsors current benefits and dues are unchanged. 
Staff will be available to discuss these updates at upcoming PGB meetings. If you have specific questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Thanks so much for your continued support,


Carol Geyer

Chief Development Officer


+1 941-284-0403