Ballot to approve draft rules for for establishing OriginBX Working Groups #poll-notice

Claudia Rauch

Do members of the OriginBX PGB approve the rules for establishing OriginBX working groups as written below?  If approved, these rules will be added to the OriginBX governance document at


The OriginBX OASIS Open Project intends to accomplish much of its technical work through industry-segment Working Groups. These Working Groups operate under the same rules that govern Technical Steering Committees in the OASIS Open Project rules.

  • A Working Group (WG) is established by a resolution of the OriginBX Project Governing Board (PGB).
  • A Working Group is made up of Voting Members (VM). (See following bullets for details on VMs.) No entity may have more than one Voting Member on a Working Group.
    • Each OriginBX OP Sponsor can appoint one representative (employee or contractor) to be a  Voting Member on any Working Group of interest to their organization (no limit to how many WGs a Sponsor or Sponsor’s representative may join).
    •  In addition, the OriginBX PGB may appoint up to two Voting Members for each Working Group as at-large representatives from the community. These at-large seats are designed to ensure that non-commercial entities are represented in WGs. 
    •  Voting Members on WGs must have signed an i-CLA and, if they represent their employer, must ensure that an e-CLA is signed as well. (Note that all OriginBX Sponsors are required to sign an e-CLA in order to have a Voting Member of the PGB.)
  • Once the formation of a WG is approved, the PGB will appoint a person to act as a WG Convener. The Convener’s purpose will be to help organize the group and schedule and chair the first WG meeting. At the first meeting, the WG VMs will choose one or two chairs from their membership.
    Once the chair(s) are seated, the role of the Convener is completed.  

Non-members are welcome to subscribe to WG mailing lists, participate in WG chat channels, and observe WG meetings.


This ballot requires a Full Majority vote. The PGB roster currently lists 10 members. In order to pass, at least 6 members must vote yes.

This ballot opens on 11 January 2022 at 12:00 UTC and closes 19 January 2022 at 23:59 UTC.

This ballot is open to members of the PGB only. The members eligible to vote are:

- Todd R. Smith, KYG Trade
- Oswald Kuyler, International Chamber of Commerce
- Thomas Fahey, Accenture
- Ben Stiling, Amazon
- Ken Montgomery, CompTIA
- Michelle Stout, Intel
- Brian Staples, Origin Experts Group
- Srinivasan Sriram, Skuchain, Inc
- Elizabeth Connell, Thomson Reuters
- Chris Rubio, UPS


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