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Chet Ensign

Question: Please indicate below whether or not you approve the proposed charter for the OriginBX Advisory Council. 
The OriginBX Advisory Council will be experts from global tax and trade public policy setting organizations and government agencies who are invited to the council by the Project Governing Board. Their mission will be to help ensure transparent, productive collaboration between trade policy makers and industry in defining a globally universal consistent message set that will facilitate the exchange of product and trade attribute data.  
This electronic ballot opens on 08 July 2021 at 00:00 UTC and closes 14 July 2021 at 23:59 UTC. 
This ballot requires a Simple Majority Vote (> 50% of PGB members). The OriginBX PGB currently has 9 members. In order to pass, at least 5 members must vote yes. 
Only members of the OriginBX Project Governing Board can vote on this ballot. I currently show the following people as being on the PGB: 
* Todd R. Smith, KYG Trade (Chair)
* Thomas Fahey, Accenture
* Ben Stiling, Amazon
* Ken Montgomery, CompTIA
* Lisa McAuley, Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA)
* Oswald Kuyler, International Chamber of Commerce
* Brian Staples, Origin Experts Group
* Srinivasan Sriram, Skuchain, Inc
* Chris Rubio, UPS
If you do not see your name here and you believe this to be an error, please let both the Chair and me know so that we can address the situation. 


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