2023 OASIS Sponsor dues announced

Scott McGrath

OASIS Members,

Your dues and sponsorship contributions provide the vital support of all OASIS staff and technical operations that make all current collaboration possible.  You also help fund the reliable storage and delivery of all OASIS Specifications and Standards created over the years.

Our fiscal responsibility to you and the greater public has 2 facets of equal importance - maximizing your value as a member and ensuring the financial stability of the consortium.

With these responsibilities in mind, The OASIS board of Directors has approved a dues increase for 2023 - effective for all new and renewing memberships and sponsorships  effective 1 January 2023.  The increase intends to reflect the current inflationary costs on our expenses.  The current and upcoming dues are posted at TC Participation Dues and OP Sponsor Dues

Your advance renewal messages and invoicing will reflect the appropriate fee for your member category.  Please plan accordingly.

Thank you as always for your support.  Your particpation and support are important as we forward the mission of the consortium and advance the work of the TCs and OPs that are important to you.

Please feel free to reach out if we can help you understand your new dues level  and benefits or help with paperwork.  Your Member Service support team is happy to help!  member-services@...



Scott McGrath

Chief Operating Officer



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