OCA community event update -- RSA 2022 and more By Jane Harnad ·
Event: OCA Webinar 'Can ‘best of breed’ security tools be orchestrated?' - Wednesday, March 16, 2022 #cal-invite By oca@lists.oasis-open-projects.org Calendar ·
OSLC Quality Management Version 2.1 OASIS Standard published By Chet Ensign ·
Newly released RSAC agenda + OASIS member discount enclosed By Jane Harnad ·
It is time for that bi-annual tsunami we call Daylight Savings Time By Chet Ensign ·
The ballot to consider CC-BY-4.0 as a valid license for OCA repositories has passed By Chet Ensign ·
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IoB WG Meeting tomorrow - mark your calendars By Dee Schur ·
Modifications to the Open Project Rules approved by the OASIS Board of Directors By Chet Ensign ·
And the winner is...OASIS Awards Ceremony, 19 Jan. By Jane Harnad ·
Welcome VISUA, Prophecy International, and Tenzir to the Open Cybersecurity Alliance By Mary Beth Minto ·
Cancelled Event: OCA Monthly Developer Office Hours - Tuesday, December 21, 2021 #cal-cancelled By oca@lists.oasis-open-projects.org Calendar ·
Request that a mailing list be created for Open Cybersecurity Alliance OP By Chet Ensign ·
Call for speakers is open -- cybersecurity conferences in Europe By Jane Harnad ·
Cancelled Event: OCA Monthly Marketing Group Meeting #cal-cancelled By oca@lists.oasis-open-projects.org Calendar ·
OCA happenings By Dee Schur ·
Free admission to Cyber Security Summit, Wed., 13 Oct By Jane Harnad ·
Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Member announcements featuring OASIS cybersecurity work By Mary Beth Minto ·
[oca-tsc] [oca-pgb] Call for nominations to the OCA Technical Steering Commitee (TSC) By Jason Keirstead ·
[oca-pgb] Call for nominations to the OCA Technical Steering Commitee (TSC) By duncan@sfractal ·