Welcome VISUA, Prophecy International, and Tenzir to the Open Cybersecurity Alliance

Mary Beth Minto

OASIS is pleased to announce three new sponsors of the Open Cybersecurity Alliance Open Project: VISUA, Prophecy International, and Tenzir!

VISUA boasts best-in-class Visual-AI that powers the world’s leading brand protection, authentication and monitoring platforms. Its Visual-AI technology is proven to deliver the highest precision with instant learning, at unlimited scale, and is adaptable for any use case. VISUA delivers best-in-class Visual-AI for brand protection, authentication, and monitoring.

Prophecy International is known internationally for innovative software. Prophecy designs & develops software, and brings it to the world through their global business partner channel in each of their territories – in America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia/Pacific. They have a number of brands, including Snare, eMite, and their legacy brands basis2, Promadis and ProphecyOpen.

Tenzir's mission is to significantly speed up the investigation process after cyber attacks by means of automated analyses. In an IT-world of understaffing, talent shortage, and alert overload, it is a daunting task to keep a large infrastructure secure. Tenzir brings together longstanding expertise in security, software engineering, and data science to develop a solution that extracts meaningful signals from the noise and translates them into actionable insight.

VISUA, Prophecy International, and Tenzir join the other OCA Sponsors whose financial commitment ensures that the project remains open to all technical participants and receives the resources it needs to succeed. If your organization is interested in becoming an OCA Sponsor, or if you'd like to learn more about the Alliance, please contact communications@....