Several key meeting planned this month - come join us and participate!

Russell Warren

Hello All,
As we now have the SCAP v2 Data Collection Architecture prototype project accepted into OCA and we have our draft architecture diagram, we are ready to launch the following work groups. I expect the work groups to start during the week of September 14. We are combined the Vulnerability, Compliance, Policy and Endpoint work groups as this better aligns with the SCAP v2 Data Collection Architecture. We will launch this work group and the SIEM work group.

Our next architecture work group will be held September 10 at 3PM EST. We intend to cover how the SCAP v2 Data Collection Architecture fits within OCA. Join this call if you want to get up to speed on this topic and be ready for the work group activities. We have sent out previous email on the work group objectives and goals, contact me if you need a copy. We have posted the OCA draft architecture at

As we discussed in a previous architecture work group, we will discuss Open C2 and OpenDXL ontology in a meeting to be scheduled during the week of September 14. and cover some alignment items and ensure these technologies are synergistic.

Please reach out to Russ Warren (russell.warren@...) if you have not received a doodle poll on these work groups but would like to participate.
Contact me if you have any questions. Now is the time for OCA to pull together our projects and define the inter-operations across the security domains. Please get involved and help us with this effort; which will be a key underpinning of OCA. We plan to have a lot of marketing activities around these events so plenty of opportunities for OCA and your company to make our efforts visible.

Thank you