Request that a mailing list be created for Open Cybersecurity Alliance OP

Chet Ensign

Your name:
  Chet Ensign
Project name:
  Open Cybersecurity Alliance OP
Project email address:
Mailing list description:
  The Posture Attribute Collection and Evaluation (PACE) Project will develop reference and/or production-ready code demonstrating posture assessment of computing resources using a communication fabric and multiple payload formats.
  Per prior email discussion, we would like to set up a mail list for the PACE project. Here’s my best cut at names and addresses that should be included. Hopefully folks like Mike Rosa and Adam Montville and the other folks CC’d here can fill in any I’ve missed.

· Michael Rosa (mjrosa@...)

· David Kemp (d.kemp@... & dk190a@...)

· Adam Montville (Adam.Montville@...)

· Sara Archacki (CIS, I don’t have email address)

· David Lemire (david.lemire@...)

· Jerry Czachor (Jerome.czachor@...)

· Mason Mirarchi (mumarchi@...)

· Duncan Sparrell (duncan@...)

· Mark Mastrengeli (mark_matrangeli@...)

· Manikandan Kenyan e manikandan_kenyan@...

· Dennis Moreau (dmoreau@...)

· (whomever from OASIS should be there)
· Bruce Lavoie

· Jason Kierstead (IBM)

· Russ Warren (Russell.warren@...)


David Lemire

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