[oca-pgb] Call for nominations to the OCA Technical Steering Commitee (TSC)


Are all members up for re-election? The PGB may want to consider making TSC terms staggered (ie half in odd years, half in even years). This is a standard practice in other OASIS groups (as well as many non-OASIS groups). It may be too late to do that for today, but you might consider making half of then 1-yr, half-2-yr so you could get the stagger started.



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Date: Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 7:50 PM
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Subject: [oca-pgb] Call for nominations to the OCA Technical Steering Commitee (TSC)

Greetings Open Cybersecurity Alliance members and interesting parties!

I am reaching out to you today on an important topic regarding the OCA Technical Steering Commitee (TSC). As per our governance processes (
ref: https://github.com/opencybersecurityalliance/oasis-open-project/blob/master/GOVERNANCE.md ), Technical Steering Committee members on the OCA serve for two year terms, whereupon they are re-confirmed by the governing board, an anniversary that is fast approaching (Oct 2021).


The project governing board is therefore issuing out a call for nominations for any community members who may wish to serve on the OCA TSC in the next two year term. This is a great way to build your external eminence, as well as help the open cybersecurity movement.


TSC members can come from anywhere in the community, and *do not* have to be OCA sponsors. The most important criteria is to have experience managing technical projects, the willingness to serve, and the ability to dedicate the time.


Nominations can be sent in confidence to the PGB co-chairs, Jason Keirstead (jason.keirstead@...) and Mark Mastrangeli (mark_mastrangeli@...) to bring to the PGB for consideration prior to October 7th.




What is the job of a TSC member?


You can find all of the details outlined in the above Governance document. At a high level, the TSC is responsible for work like:

·                     Stewarding the release management processes of the OCA

·                     Releasing of a new major version of a project

·                     Appointment & management of maintainers for the Github repos

·                     Defining and stewarding the long-term technical health of the projects

·                     Recommending work to the PGB for promotion to the standards track (when appropriate)

What are the expectations RE time spent?


You must be able to spend an absolute minimum of a few hours a month dedicated to OCA activities. Time demands may be a bit higher during the time of new project onboarding, or definition of new release processes.

Can I nominate myself?


Can I forward this email to someone who may be interested?

Please do!

What are the most immediate needs in the TSC? How could I help?

The most urgent need for the TSC right now is to define and formalize the code and release management process across the growing number of OCA projects. Currently, each project has it's own process for managing contributions and code - and we need a more defined process that can be quantified and operationalized, to ensure quality open governance across all current and future OCA projects.

Jason Keirstead
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