OCA Scenario Diagrams

Jane Harnad

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned on our last marketing call -- Black Hat was a great success for us. OASIS had a terrific space in a high traffic zone throughout the two days. The Kestrel demonstration was also well received in the Arsenal Area (on the show floor). Thank you to everyone on the Kestrel Team that helped with that initiative.

A marketing idea came out of the event. We designed a Threat Scenario Diagram rollup banner for our Black Hat booth that received quite a lot of attention. The diagram included some OCA projects -- along with other OASIS cybersecurity standards. Attached is a copy. (Credit to Duncan Sparrell for the original version of the diagram.)

We'd like to see one or two similar diagrams specifically designed for our OCA Open Project. Here's where our OCA Marketing Group comes into the picture. We'd like the group to start discussing ideas, so we plan to initiate a dialogue during our next OCA Marketing Meeting on 15 September -- at 2:00 PM EDT. If you're not currently involved in the marketing group, please let me know and we'll get you signed up. 

Thanks so much, Jane



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