RSAC Event Planning / Marketing Meeting Merge

Jason Keirstead

Fellow PGB members;

I am excited to inform you that we have managed to secure a location for another OCA Meetup and Breakfast event at RSAC this year. IBM has offered to sponsor the breakfast, which will be held at the W. We will have plenty of space for attendees, up to ~ 150.

On the upcoming PGB call this event and planning of it will be a primary topic. We have decided to pull marketing-related events off of their own meeting for now due to a lack of attendance at that marketing meeting. We hope that you all invite your marketing focals to this upcoming PGB call, March 2 at 12 EST. For members in the APAC region, I will endeavor to get a second call on the calendar to allow you to feed into this discussion as well.

Below are some brainstorming ideas and questions from both Jane Harnad as well as myself to consider as we plan for this event.


Short panel discussion with sponsors talking about why they participate in OCA?

Table top displays (around the perimeter) for any sponsor or OCA project to provide demos

Raffle or game to engage sponsors and attendees

Attendee giveaway bag featuring sponsor swag or digital items

Sponsor logo placement in breakfast outreach pr, presentation slides, onsite signage

Potential topics to address -- 

    • People are always asking what's different about OCA (from other similar orgs) and/or where does OCA work fit into the grand scheme of things -- clarification is always helpful 
    • I believe Charlie mentioned that CISA will be releasing something IoB related soon -- government perspective is always of interest
    • Should this be somehow tied to CASP – should this be branded that way? Can we invite prior CAW attendees directly.



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