[OCA Marketing] Meeting Minutes from today's Call

Jory Burson <jory.burson@...>

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OCA Marketing Notes


Jane Harnad (OASIS Staff)

Anshul Gargantuas (IBM)

Tricia Blade (McAfee)

Carol Geyer (OASIS Staff)

Kathy Trahan (McAfee)

Cathy Morely Foster (PR Consultant)

Chipp Epps (ReversingLabs)

Richard Telljohann (IBM)

Dee Schur (OASIS Staff)

Carolyn Raab (Corsa Security

Liz Bush (ThreatQuotient)

Jory Burson (OASIS Staff, Scribe)


  • Jane, OASIS: Finalizing text for invites for Public session, hope to have the eventbrite links to send around later today. We need to get this out to the members to invite people. Members will receive a members version, outreach will go to Carol’s master list. 
  • We can print out a certain number of event invites to give out at Member booths (glossy post card sized)
  • Reminder, we have room for ~80, we would like to get the majority to pre-registered. 
  • Do we want to have a check-in table outside the room? If so would we want to have signage or promotional materials?
    • We can have simple signage; would be ideal to do something to help with way-finding. 
    • Signage discussion - we will mock some options up.
  • Signage at Member Booths - will provide signage to indicate the org is a member of OCA. Jane has sent this around, they are 8x11” and come with an easel and velcro. Pick them up from Jane / OASIS booth
  • Buttons and Laptop stickers will also be available as well from the OASIS booth. (#1249)
  • Files for artwork: available on GH, shared google drive, file system in groups
    • Jory to resend link to google drive
  • Discussion about the ‘person on the street’ style videos proposed by Joe (not present)
    • We can also do our own videos from cell phone video, and upload those to the shared google drive for later editing
  • PR group met yesterday, huddling on the draft press release
    • will provide a draft go the brief and strategy for the broader group later
    • Update from Cathy 
  • Social Marketing: Looking for a lead. What did we do at launch? Can we leverage someone from IBM / McAfee?
  • Booth Theaters
    • If your booth has the capacity to host talks/presentation, coordinate timing. OCA branded
  • We need an agenda for the public event - would be great to have Jason/Darren
    • Do we need to do another call to coordinate with them / SMEs
    • Can use the recruitment deck at the initial launch
    • Will coordinate a conversation in the next week to plan the content
  • RSA 2021 (we will need to decide on this during RSA 2020)
    • Decision is: do we want to have a show-floor presence. Need to know by 2.14 deadline ideally.
    • Jane: describes costs. Cost includes build-out. Would be split by sponsoring organizations wanting to participate.
    • Branding has to be OCA specific
    • What will our focus be on in 2020/2021?
    • After discussion,  showcase booth does not seem to be the way to go, in favor of highlighting the activities of the OCA at Member booths. Will discuss again but this is the initial approach.
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