Future of OCA Marketing Group

Carol Geyer

The OCA PGB needs to take a formal decision on forming a marketing group. Please consider adding this to the next PGB agenda.
Background: We organized an ad hoc OCA Marketing Group in order to support the OCA launch (and the members did a fantastic job). There are currently 24 OCA Sponsor reps and four OASIS staffers subscribed to the oca-marketing mailing list. 

What the PGB decision involves:

1) Group name. The PGB may decide on the name or allow the group members to choose. The name may include variations on "OCA Marketing Group", "OCA Education Committee", "OCA Advocacy Council", or other ideas.
2) Chair(s). The group will need one or two chairs. The PGB may appoint the chair(s) or ask the group members to elect their own chair(s).

3) Statement of workThe group's mission and purpose should be public. This can be a simple one-sentence statement or it can be more detailed. The PGB may dictate this statement or delegate the writing to the group members, pending approval by the PGB.