Call for Program Committee Volunteers -- Virtual Borderless Cyber

Jane Harnad


OASIS is beginning the Program Committee selection process for our 2021 Virtual Borderless Cyber Conference, to be held the week of 22 June 2021. This year we plan to partner with the National Council of ISACs to develop our program. We're looking for volunteers from our OCA community to also participate on the program committee. Serving on a Program Committee offers an opportunity to play a visible role in shaping our cyber security educational outreach, so we hope you'll consider getting involved.

What will be involved in serving on the Program Committee?

The Program Committee will be responsible for ensuring compelling, well-balanced, high-quality content. 
Members will:

  • Establish program goals
  • Determine key topics and/or session categories
  • Suggest potential speakers and assist with speaker outreach
  • Evaluate and provide feedback on speakers and/or topics 
  • Organize and possibly serve as a moderator or session chair
  • And help publicize the event via social media and other avenues

The Program Committee will conduct its work via conference calls and email. The time commitment will average around 4-5 hours per month during the months of April, May and June. Program Committee members will also be expected to attend the event.  


If you'd like to be involved, please contact me by Tuesday, 30 March. 
Looking forward to hearing from you.





Jane Harnad

Manager of Events


+1 703-508-3373