Agenda for PGB Meeting Feb 2, 2023


To help the meeting go faster, here is what I plan to propose for the CASP section of agenda:

  • OASIS staff to create CASP mailing list
  • Duncan to send email to CAW list informing them of CASP and closing down of CAW list. Probably won’t do until the next couple of bullets done so have something to reference
  • Duncan to work with OASIS staff to set up CASP one liner on subprojects section of
  • Duncan to work with OASIS staff to set up CASP ‘landing page’ similar to
  • OASIS staff to set up CASP main github repo
  • Duncan to work with OASIS staff
    • to set up OASIS repo to host Github pages for future workshops
    • to port content to historical section of this new OASIS repo
    • to rehome to this new site once new site set up
  • Duncan to send emails to related groups informing of CASP and relation to those groups (hopefully with some related use cases in new CASP repo)
  • Duncan to set up meeting schedule
    • Probably monthly for ‘general’ meeting
    • Might have specific topic oriented meetings more often if still shooting for workshop late 1Q, early 2Q



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From: oca-pgb@... <oca-pgb@...> on behalf of Jason Keirstead via <>
Date: Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 8:11 AM
To: oca-pgb@... <oca-pgb@...>
Subject: [oca-pgb] FW: Agenda for PGB Meeting Feb 2, 2023

Hi folks; below is the agenda for the call today. I expect it to  be a quick call.

If you have other items for the agenda let me know.

- Discussion on PACE project and lack of a TSC rep; how to move project fwd

- Next steps on the CASP ( Cybersecurity Automation Sub Project, formerly CAW/Cybersecurity Automation Workshop ) now that ballot has passed

- Discuss official re-confirmation of Mark M as OCA co-chair / call for nominations

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